Maps Access

In this section, you can access to solar radiation map of Spain through a cartography viewer. The result is shown in two ways: maps of yearly global solar irradiation ​​and access to the monthly data of each pixel or location (5x5 km resolution).

To better analyze the spatial coverage, information is distributed on two geographical areas, on the one hand, mainland Spain, Balearic Islands and Ceuta y Melilla and, on the other, Canary Islands.

Yearly values Maps

Yearly global solar irradiation maps are visualized through a WMS request to the server. This service is joined to Spanish geospatial data infrastructure (IDEE), so it is possible to request these maps of solar radiation from any client. Yearly global solar irradiation values for each location are accessed by clicking with the mouse on the map.

Monthly values

Monthly values ​​of each location are stored in a database and are accessed through an application that can be launched from the popup that is displayed by clicking on a specific point on the map.